KG1301 & GD0101 COMPARISON, Fan 800

Fan 800

ebm-papst has launched AxiBlade, a new generation of optimized axial fans.

Following two models will be analyzed in this text:

  • W6D800KG1301 (VWA0800B7SNZ/S) (with guard grille)
  • W6D800GD0101 (with guard grille)
  • W6D800GD0101 (without guard grille) 


These data are based on FanScout information.


The abbreviations:  

With guard grille: wgg

Without guard grille: wogg


1- Volume rate change

Through the curve 1, the report on FanScout:

If we get a duty point for W6D800GD0101 (with guard grille): 17481 m3/h @ 107 Pa

When the fan changes to W6D800KG1301 (VWA0800B7SNZ/S) the duty point will be 17083 @ 100 Pa

The duty point for W6D800GD0101 (without guard grille): 17840 m3/h @ 110 Pa

Notice: the system curve is the reference for obtaining the above numbers.

    The difference between W6D800GD0101 (wgg) and W6D800KG1301 (VWA0800B7SNZ/S) is 2.27%

Two related curves in all points are parallel to each other to maintain this 2.27% difference or even less than it in some parts.

Please see attachment 1

Fan 800

curve 1 


2-  Noise Level

Through curve 2:

The Noise Level of:

W6D800GD0101 wgg: 78 dB

W6D800KG1301 (VWA0800B7SNZ/S) wgg :  73.1 dB

W6D800GD0101 wogg: 73.6 dB

The difference: 4.4 dB

It means:

Due to the aerodynamical performance of the W6D800KG1301 (VWA0800B7SNZ/S) impeller noise level is less than W6D800GD0101 (with guard grill).

Due to lower noise with VWA0800B7SNZ, No requirement for AxiTop,


Omitting the requirement for AxiTop leads to less costs, another benefit of VWA0800B7SNZ

Please see attachments 2,3 and 4

  KG1301 & GD0101 COMPARISON

3- Energy Consumption


Through curve 3:

W6D800GD0101 wgg: 1810 W

W6D800KG1301 (VWA0800B7SNZ/S) wgg:  1310 W

W6D800GD0101 wogg: 1600 W

(VWA0800B7SNZ consumes up to 500 W less energy), (29%)

 Given a unit with 2 or 3 fans, this difference shows itself more (3*500, 1500 W for a unit)

It means:


 less cost for providing electronic parts such as VSD and less energy cost.

KG1301 & GD0101 COMPARISON, Fan 800

Please see attachments 5 and 6



4- AxiBlade’s degree of protection is IP 55


 5, the first digit is related to solids: Protected from limited dust ingress.

 5, the second digit is related to liquids: Protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction.

5- AxiBlade’s environmental protection class is H2:


H2 testing goes far beyond the requirements of the IP protection classes.

.ebm-papst has taken the environmental conditions of an operating fan into account early on, as your requirements are more than IP classes (to find out more read the “Environmental Protection classes” handout)