910 HyBlade vs AxiBlade

کاور مقاله فن 910 یا فن 900 ای بی ام فن محوری اکسیال ebm

910 HyBlade vs AxiBlade

ebm-papst has launched AxiBlade, a new generation of optimized axial fans.

The purpose through this handout is a brief comparison between to models of ebm-papst’d fans:

  • W6D910GA0101 &
  • W6D910KD0101



  1. Optimum efficiency of up to 41.9% while HyBlade is equivalent to 35%

Through curve 2, it’s considerable.

It means:

Every engineer and fan designer knows about how challenging it can be to raise 1 unit in efficiency term and the long way to achieve, so use this 7-unit boost (35% to 41.9%) at ease.

Improvement of efficiency by 20%.

منحنی راندمان 910


2. Noise Level Through curve 2 and table 1, regardless of pressure points and just considering the Maximum of Noise Level for W6D910GA0101 & W6D910KD0101 and we can read 78 dB and 85 dB respectively. For operating points set apart extreme points we can read 75 dB for both models.  

It means:

All in all, for any fan’s selection the operating point and the condition of mounting should be taken into consideration.

منحنی صدای فن محوری 910 شرکت ای بی ام

Curve 2جدول صدای فن محوری 910 ebm

Table 1

  • 3. No need to AxiTop for W6D910KD0101

It means:

Omitting the requirement for AxiTop leads to less costs, another benefit of AxiBlade


  • 4. 36% less energy consumption

Through curve 1:

HyBlade consumption:  2510 W

AxiBlade consumption: 1600 W

(AxiBlade consumes up to 910 W less energy), (36%)

Given a unit with 2 or 3 fans, this difference shows itself more (3*910, 2730 W for a unit)

It means:

less costs for providing electronic parts as VSD and less energy costs.

منحنی توان فن محوری 910 ای بی ام

Curve 3

5. Volume rate change Through the curve 1: HyBlade volume rate: 25370 m3/h AxiBlade volume rate: 21500 m3/h The difference is 15.2%   Comparing 4 above facts: Any low powered motor doesn’t imply a weakness for a system An engineering design tends to gain a low energy consumption within an operating point It can be seen that manufacturers don’t work on maximum air flow as a separate parameter, just do on an optimum point; optimum volume rate balancing it against more familiar metrics such as efficiency, power and noise. The way that ebm-papst has been employed to create the Axiblade generation. منحنی هوادهی فن محوری 910 ebm

Curve 4

  6. AxiBlade’s degree of protection is IP 55   5, the first digit is related to solids: Protected from limited dust ingress. 5, the second digit is related to liquids: Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction. جدول IP فن محوری 910 ebm

Table 2

  7. Environmental protection class is H2 for both models   H2 testing goes far beyond the requirements of the IP protection classes. ebm-papst has taken environmental conditions of an operating fan into account early on, as your requirements are more than IP classes (to find out more read the “Environmental Protection classes” handout)