Axicool fan-For refrigeration

فن های اکسیال AxiCool

Axicool fans

AxiCool fans are a category of axial fans manufactured by ebm company, specifically designed for refrigeration applications. Through this catalog, all sizes of these fans with their relevant technical specifications are presented in separate tables.

Advantages of AxiCool:

 High efficiency: Thanks to the ERP standard (refer to the ERP article), which has come into effect since 2015 and the leading position of ebm in this field, these mentioned fans have reduced energy consumption by up to 46%.

AxiCool Classification Types: The sizes of these fans range from 300 to 800 millimeters. The 300, 350, and 450 models have standard versions and high-end versions. The standard design has equipped with a hinge or air-guiding system, while the special design includes both parts.

In sizes 500, 630, and 800, there are also two models: the standard version and the high-end version with a fan housing that has a smooth surface without smooth corners to fulfill the sanitary condition and safety for food.

Hygiene considerations: Considering the use of these fans in food process and preservation applications, hygiene considerations are of special importance. Also, temperature fluctuations in these conditions should be kept to a minimum, and defrosting time should be reduced as much as possible. actually, these fans are precisely designed to meet these conditions. Additionally, special requirements for storing products like cheese, which can last for several months, or preserving fruits and vegetables, show the importance of using these kinds of fans. Therefore, easy cleaning of AxiCool fans, whether they have a frame or are designed with a smooth surface without dust-catching corners, facilitates the maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness standards.

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