EC fans for agriculture

فن های محوری EC نوع HyBlade

EC axial fans – for Agriculture

General description: HyBlade axial fan catalog of EC fan series includes high and low pressure fans in this group, especially for agriculture fields. As the demands for less energy consumption and access to green technologies are increasing across the world , EC technology has been introduced as an effective solution. This catalog is a guide for choosing the mentioned fans from 500 to 1250 mm in diameter, which have air volume of up to 58,000 m3/h or 34,000 cfm. In term of electrical energy consumption, it is possible to save up to 70% of energy compared to a similar AC fan.

Installation: The design is in such a way to obtain the easiest installation. Whether it is installed in a channel or on the wall, the accessories with the fan provide both methods easily. Optional support structure and wall ring plate with the fan.

Types of the fans in this category: The fan is available in single-phase or three-phase design, 50 or 60 Hz according to the customer’s requirements. The fan control system also has a voltage of 0 to 10 volts interface or has an integrated bus interface.

Fan Durability: The endurance tests have been performed to guarantee the fans to work in almost any type of climate.

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