Technology – basic principles

catalog basic principle

Technology – basic principles

The catalog titled Technology – basic principles includes important technical topics and materials related to all types of EBM fan models.

reviewed Categories within this catalog:

– Axial fans

– Centrifugal fans

– Diagonal fans

– Tangential fans

Along with the review of fans, EC and AC motors and related electronic control systems are also discussed.

another important part of this catalog is the effects of installation method on the performance of the above-mentioned fans;

The ratio of the horizontal and vertical distances of the tip of the blade with the fan housing over the diameter of the blade and its effects on the efficiency and performance curve of the fan, the impacts of the walls around the fan, or in other words, the obstacles around the fan in the air flow, as well as that how an air guide on the suction side can change the level of noise, amount of the air volume, energy consumption and flow drop with curves and figures.

All the above-mentioned items are discussed in the two sections of axial and centrifugal fans.

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